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Welcome to the Way of Champions Podcast hosted by John O'Sullivan and brought to you by Changing The Game Project.


Each week we connect you with the top minds in sport, coaching, leadership, and creating championship programs so you can take your athletes and teams to the next level.

Jun 13, 2021

This week on the podcast we delve into an incredibly important topic, the mental health and well-being of our athletes. With the recent withdrawal of one of the world's top tennis players, Naomi Osaka, from the French Open due to depression and social anxiety, this topic has been in the news a lot recently. There have been two distinct camps; one that says you make millions of dollars so suck it up and play, and the other that recognizes that just becasue these athletes are so exceptional in one area of their life does not mean they are not struggling in others. One of the people leading that discussion recently on CNN and the BBC is our friend Dr Jarrod Spencer.

Dr. Jarrod Spencer (@jarrod_spencer) is president and founder of Mind of the Athlete, LLC, a sports psychology company committed to improving the emotional health of athletes ( He is the author of Mind of the AthleteClearer Mind, Better Performance and the co-author of the book the The Sky Is NOT The LimitDiscovering the True North for Your Life's Path

Dr. Spencer serves as the sports psychologist for several professional teams and individual professionals athletes.  He also works closely with NCAA teams, including teams at Princeton University, Lehigh University and University of Maryland. He maintains a private practice wherein he provides one-on-one coaching for athletes and business leaders.

He has been featured in CNN, BBC, USA Today, New York Daily News and ESPN Radio. Dr. Spencer is a frequent guest on WFMZ Morning News in the NY/NJ/PA region. He also starred in the TV Show “What the Heck Were They Thinking?!” with former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Larry Holmes. Additionally, Dr. Spencer created and starred on the TV show Mind of the Athlete.  He has recorded 13 CDs, as well as over 500 podcasts and videos.

Dr. Spencer has extensive training and experience in the field of health and sports psychology.  Before earning a Doctor of Psychology Degree from Argosy University, formerly known as The Illinois School of Professional Psychology, he earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychobiology from Lafayette College. Dr. Spencer professionally trained at The Jersey Shore Medical Center, Northwestern Neuropsychological Association, and The Diamond Headache Clinic. He is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan and Virginia. Dr. Spencer is also a member of The American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, and Lehigh Valley Psychological and Counseling Association. Influenced by views in neuroscience, psychoanalysis, Christianity, and peak performance literature, Dr. Spencer has a heart to assist athletes in attaining peak performance through sound emotional health.

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