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Welcome to the Way of Champions Podcast hosted by John O'Sullivan.


Each week we connect you with the top minds in sport, coaching, leadership, and creating championship programs so you can take your athletes and teams to the next level.

Jun 9, 2019

Meet Trevor Ragan, the guest on this week’s Way of Champions Podcast. Trevor is the founder of Train Ugly, and the host of a fantastic podcast called The Learner Lab [link]. This one goes a little over an hour, but we promise it is worth the time! Grab a notebook and a pen, and maybe some coffee or tea. This one is packed with incredible information!
Highlights from the Podcast:
  • The most important trait of a great leader: the ability to learn
  • How Trevor came up with the name “Train Ugly"
  • Helping learners appreciate the pain of messing up to get better
  • The difference between a tiger growing up in the zoo or growing up in the jungle
  • Trevor shares his story of trying out for Duke Basketball
  • Spending two years experiencing the leadership of Mike Krzyzewski
  • Why Trevor started his podcast
  • Overcoming Fear, Stress and Anxiety
  • Things that create fear: Uncertainty, Attention, Change and Struggle
  • Practice: Doing vs Reading
  • Trevor explains how baseball coaches can improve pregame warm ups
  • What is psychological safety and why is it more important than most people know?
  • Why sleep is the best performance enhancing drug available
Connect with Trevor Ragan 
Resources Mentioned 
The Learner Lab [podcast]
The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck [book]
Innovation, and Growth by Amy C. Edmondson  [book]
The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Dan Coyle [book]
How to 'overcome’ fear, a TedTalk with Trevor Ragan [video]
Learning Like a Jungle Tiger, a TedTalk with Trevor Ragan [video]
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