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Welcome to the Way of Champions Podcast hosted by John O'Sullivan and brought to you by Changing The Game Project.


Each week we connect you with the top minds in sport, coaching, leadership, and creating championship programs so you can take your athletes and teams to the next level.

Apr 19, 2020

This week on the Way of Champions Podcast, we welcome George Mumford, author of The Mindful Athlete and Mindfulness & Elite Performance Expert. We dive into why sports are so important in teaching life-lessons, how to get buy-in from players, and the most important lesson to teach athletes for peak-performance.


Apr 5, 2020

This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome Dr. Meeta Singh, a sleep medicine doctor from the Henry Ford Sleep Disorder Center. Dr. Singh specializes in a variety of Sleep Disorders with a focus in Insomnia, Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea, and Sports Medicine. Sleep is perhaps the most important component...