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Jun 18, 2018

The vast majority of youth sports are suffering from catastrophic attrition rates and governing bodies, clubs, and teams are scrambling to keep kids in the game. US Lacrosse is growing by leaps and bounds in comparison. What is the secret formula to engaging and keeping kids have they discovered? Listen to the full podcast to hear the very simple solution to youth sport attrition rates.


Enjoy the show!


Show Notes

7:45 The “Pracademic” of youth sports

12:15 Why is Lacrosse still growing as a sport

22:45 TJ’s trick for getting veteran coaches to learn at his workshops

34:15 “We’ll miss you” – invest in those who are passionate supporters and get the mission

43:15 How Lacrosse has solved the time on task issue

48:15 The problem with recruiting too early – NCAA recruiting madness


About TJ Buchanan

TJ Buchanan was hired by U.S. Lacrosse in 2012 as the content manager for the Coaching Education Program (CEP). In this role, Buchanan handled the development of curriculum, content and other educational tools for the CEP which was then distributed to a nationwide network of trainers for use at coaches clinics across the country. In his current role, he is manager of coach development for US Lacrosse. 
As a coach, Buchanan has served as an assistant coach for Gettysburg College. In three seasons with Gettysburg, TJ has helped the team to back-to-back Centennial Conference Championships and NCAA Division III Tournament appearances. He previously spent three seasons as an assistant coach for Hood College after a successful nine-year run as head coach of South Western High School.  
During his time at South Western, Buchanan coached his team to many tournament appearances and two championship games. He coached three players to High School All-American status as well as one Academic All-American. 

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